Police Reform

Rochester grand jury convened in Daniel Prude case

Nov 10, 2020
Rochester Police

A grand jury has been convened in the Daniel Prude case.

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Nearly one month after it passed in the Common Council, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown on Wednesday officially signed the policy known as Cariol’s Law into law. It is worth noting, however, that the Mayor’s Office did not call the measure Cariol's Law in its signing announcement, but instead said the policy had been in use by the police department since June 2019.

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Buffalo is continuing to reshape its Police Department, with the Common Council on Tuesday approving the purchase of 85 Tasers and the training to go with them.

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Former Rochester Police Department chief La’Ron Singletary has opted not to comply with a subpoena from City Council’s investigation of the Daniel Prude case.

Drea D'Nur

Friday morning, Buffalo artist, singer and songwriter Drea D’Nur released her latest album This Love Thing, which is co-executive produced with Chicago songwriter, Doctor Rami Nashashibi.

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Rochester Police announced a series of appointments to its command staff Thursday, including a new deputy executive chief.

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Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown and Common Council President Darius Pridgen on Friday unveiled the first steps in a police reform package. 

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The new interim chief of the Rochester Police Department was sworn in at City Hall on Wednesday.

Niagara County Sheriff

As Niagara County continues work on its state-mandated task force on police reform, reinvention of the Sheriff's Department moves to a meeting Wednesday evening at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Niagara Falls.

Rochester Police

Rochester Police have released body-worn camera video of an arrest of a 21-year-old man that occurred last Friday and said its Professional Standards Section will conduct an internal investigation into the circumstances surrounding the arrest.

Police released more information about the arrest of 21-year-old Roy Siplin Sunday after questions around the arrest were raised earlier in the day by his father. Roy Siplin Sr. said he had learned his son was punched multiple times by police when he was arrested last Friday.

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Like every local government in New York State with a police department, the Town of Tonawanda has to have a police reform committee. The town is dealing with the public on this issue with neighborhood meetings.

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State Supreme Court Justice Frank Sedita denied a request Tuesday by police and fire unions to protect certain disciplinary records from public release.

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Like every police agency in New York, the Niagara County Sheriff's Department is being forced to look at how it operates in a racially diverse society and what it will do in the future.

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Cariol Horne, the namesake of a pending Buffalo law, filed a lawsuit Thursday in State Supreme Court against the City of Buffalo and the city's police department.

Horne maintains she intervened in November 2006, when she pulled fellow officer Greg Kwiatkowski off of a suspect being violently arrested during a domestic dispute. Horne was fired two years after the incident, a year short of serving the necessary 20 years to qualify for a full police pension.

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Under an executive order from Gov. Andrew Cuomo, every government in New York with a police agency must study how that agency works and whether it has any racial bias or disproportionate policing of people of color. The task force to study the Erie County Sheriff's Department kicked off Wednesday night on a tight schedule.

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Buffalo is one legal step away from having a law requiring police officers to intervene if another officer starts using too much force against someone being arrested. This "duty to intervene" is detailed in Cariol's Law.

Buffalo Police announced Friday morning that charges have been filed in connection with a hit-and-run that left a bicyclist injured during Wednesday evening's Breonna Taylor protest in Niagara Square.

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A Breonna Taylor protest march winding its way back to Buffalo City Hall Wednesday evening was disrupted when a pickup truck drove through the crowd and drove away, leaving an injured legal observer on Niagara Square with apparent broken bones.

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Buffalo Common Council members are working on a plan that would have the police department hire full-time mental health professional to aid officers on crisis calls. But they're not rushing to pass a resolution. In the meantime, it appeared following Tuesday's Council Legislation Committee meeting that the proposed police reform bill known as Cariol's Law might be brought to a vote the following week.

Buffalo Police Video

Police everywhere are looking for alternatives to an officer's service revolver. Buffalo Police say they are are now studying a device called a BolaWrap.

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A lot has happened in the week since Willie Henley, 60, was shot by a Buffalo Police officer during a mental health crisis call for help. And a lot more has to happen, according to the many voices who have spoken out about the shooting.

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A beautiful late summer day and the quest for racial justice brought out a crowd to Martin Luther King Jr. Park Sunday, continuing the push for basic changes in the Buffalo Police Department.

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City Hall proposals to have social workers and mental health professionals help police in the collisions of law enforcement and people in crisis is drawing fire. Western New York Agents for Change said it is all a bad idea.

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Oral arguments will continue next month in a lawsuit filed by the unions representing Buffalo police officers and firefighters, in their bid to halt the release of certain disciplinary and personnel records to the public. On Wednesday, all but two of several motions by parties looking to get involved in case were denied.

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It isn't clear whether former Buffalo Police Officer Cariol Horne will ever get her pension, but Common Councilmembers on Tuesday moved closer to using her name as a sign of reforming police operations.

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Street protests and the shooting of a mentally ill man on Saturday are heating up the relationship between Buffalo's Common Council and Mayor Byron Brown - but not in a good way.

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Starting in October, Buffalo Police will be calling for social workers trained to deal with acute mental health crises in 911 cases that vex law enforcement.

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Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said there will be major changes in the way police deal with people who are dealing with mental illness, a change bargained with the Police Benevolent Association. But protesters said they not only want those changes, but a change in the mayor's office.

Against the advice of counsel, Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren said Thursday that she is suspending seven police officers involved in the death of 41-year-old Daniel Prude.

Earlier Thursday, City Council wrote a letter to Warren calling for the officers to be placed on administrative leave. The officers are suspended with pay, and Warren said she understood that the police union may sue the city over the move.

Thursday night was a tale of two groups with contrasting ideas on how to make change, clashing, after the death of Daniel Prude.