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The New York State Public Service Commission is proposing a $3.9 million settlement over the way NYSEG and Rochester Electric & Gas responded to the March 2017 windstorm.

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More than 700 National Grid customers remain without power Wednesday in Buffalo's Kaisertown.

City of Buffalo

About 600 residents in 80 Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority public housing units at Kenfield Homes are without power, after the failure of a main power switch.

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The New York State Public Service Commission says it has completed its investigation into the windstorm in March that swept through the region and it has determined that NYSEG and RG&E had a poor response to storm restoration.

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More than 3000 NYSEG customers are without power on Sunday afternoon - the majority of them in Amherst and Clarence.

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As of Sunday afternoon, more than 17,000 customers in Southern Ontario were still waiting for Hydro One and PowerStream crews to restore their electricity.

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Nine power outages are being reported by National Grid as the Buffalo metro area experiences the beginning of its first major snowstorm of the season.

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Strong winds that swept across the Ontario Province Thursday morning knocked out power to a number of residences throughout the region.

Planned West side power outage delayed until Friday

Jul 30, 2015
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After having planned to shut off power to around 400 customers on Buffalo’s West Side Thursday, National Grid last Wednesday postponed that outage a day.

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Yesterday's gusting winds caused a number of reports of property damage and power outages around the region.

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The cause of the power outage that affected more than 45,000 National Grid customers on Saturday remains under investigation.

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Officials with National Grid are reporting that a lightning strike is responsible for the power outages around the region.

Copper theft causes NYSEG outage

Aug 15, 2012

A power failure that affected some 1,400 New York State Electric and Gas customers early this morning has been traced to copper theft at an electric substation.

Someone cut through a fence at around 5 a.m. and cut down copper grounding wires at a NYSEG substation on Walden Avenue in Alden.

NYSEG crews had to cut power for users in Clarence, Lancaster and Alden for about two hours to make repairs and there have also been reports of a fire at the transformer site.

The incident is under investigation by the Erie County Sheriff's Department.

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Around 2 a.m. on Sunday in Fort Erie, the lights will go out as some maintenance takes place on the power system serving the entire town.

Canadian Niagara Power says the town's electric grid may be off until ten in the morning Sunday as a major project forces a shut off of the only electric line into Fort Erie from Niagara Falls.

Mayor Doug Martin says every precaution is being taken and he hopes neighbors will make sure someone who needs electricity for a medical device is taken care of.

Martin says emergency services are prepared.