Public art

Ryan Zunner / WBFO News

A new mural has been unveiled today in the Old First Ward which combines symbolic elements of the LGBTQ+ and Native American communities.

Press Pass: Public art in Buffalo

Oct 15, 2019
Photo courtesy of Buffalo Spree

Public art is prevalent around Buffalo, everything from traditional statues to colorful murals. In this week's Press Pass with WBFO's Mark Scott, Buffalo Spree editor Elizabeth Licata suggests public art begins with the bones of the city itself—its historic architecture and parks system.

Mike Desmond / WBFO News

Buffalo's recent explosion of outdoor public art expanded again Tuesday with the unveiling of a display of large metal letters on Hertel Avenue.

Thomas O'Neil-White

Mark Twain’s history in the City of Buffalo is well-documented. From 1869 to 1871, he was an editor at the Buffalo Express newspaper and lived on Delaware Avenue. The Buffalo and Erie County Public Library has a room of his manuscripts and letters.

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Another art mural is going up in downtown Buffalo, but this time it’s not associated with the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. The Hamilton, ON-based company Collective Arts Brewing has partnered with Misuta Chow’s to paint their back entrance-- and the public can watch it happen this Saturday.

El Museo

El Museo says it is excited to share a public installation of artworks by four local artists at the Utica Metro Rail Station in Buffalo.

Michael Mroziak, WBFO

The Albright-Knox Art Gallery's AK Public Art Initiative, which has added color and flair to many Buffalo-area neighborhoods, has welcomed its latest addition. This one is in Buffalo's Niagara Street Corridor and celebrates the Latino and Hispanic heritage of the neighborhood.

Mary Catalfamo/WBFO

What was once the side of a long-vacant building on Buffalo’s East Side is now a finished canvas for a bright public art project called the Welcome Wall. The side of 751 Fillmore Avenue displays a mural intertwining the word “welcome” in 13 different languages—from German and Polish to Vietnamese and Farsi.

Niagara University

A public art project is aiming to restore vibrancy to empty buildings in downtown Niagara Falls. More than 100 silhouettes of Niagara University students and others cut out of black paper are lining the windows of vacant structures at Third and Main Streets.

Albright-Knox Art Gallery

Few people would expect to find a sprawling sculpture of a DNA-like structure in a public transit station.

Michael Mroziak/WBFO News

A new mural unveiled Monday by the Albright Knox Gallery was created as an ode to unity between Buffalo's east and west sides.

Matt Neidhart/WBFO News

Another attraction has made its home at Canalside and it’s an exhibit with an environmental message. ‘Cool Globes,’ a set of a dozen large globes lined up near the waterfront, is designed to get people thinking about climate change.

"Monumental" mural coming to Theatre District

May 10, 2016
Chris Caya WBFO News

The largest public art project to date, sponsored by Erie County, is going up in downtown Buffalo. The Albright-Knox Art Gallery and Shea's Performing Arts Center are collaborating on a new mural on the wall of 710 Main Theatre, along West Tupper Street.

Dylan Burns

What do you do with driftwood, old oars, railroad spikes and other material cluttering a historic neighborhood? How about turning them into public benches?

Buffalo Zoo

There’s a new piece of public art in town that’s making an environmental and an artistic statement. Visitors at the Buffalo Zoo can see a sculpture of a polar bear made entirely out of plastic shopping bags.

When you look at what you think is a corner Buffalo News vending machine, look twice over the next few weeks. Some of those boxes have been converted to community seed stations for the latest public art project from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery.

Michael Mroziak, WBFO

Two of the greenhouses that make up part of the Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens are undergoing an extensive restoration project, the first major work on the structures since they first opened more than a century ago.

Photo by Mark Scott / WBFO News

Public art is once again a hot topic in Buffalo. Such art has always been around. The replica of the Statue of David has been gracing Delaware Park near the Buffalo History Museum for decades. But last year's arrival of "Shark Girl" at Canalside has attracted plenty of attention.

Michael Mroziak, WBFO

There will be more than flowers pleasing the eyes of visitors this summer at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens. A newly introduced art series will also be there to greet guests.

New public art unveiled at Canalside

May 6, 2015
Chris Caya/WBFO news

Another public artwork Silent Poets  has been installed at Canalside. Visitors will find the two poets sitting about 20-feet in the air on platforms atop separate poles in the Great Lawn next to the Central Wharf.

How 'Shark Girl' came to be

Oct 30, 2014
Ashley Hirtzel

When Shark Girl moved into Buffalo in August, she started a conversation via social media as to where she came from and what her creator Casey Riordan Millard was thinking in creating her. WBFO’s Ashley Hirtzel talked with Canalside visitors and sat down with the artist and to find out how Shark Girl came to be.

Ashley Hirtzel / WBFO

An unusual public sculpture was unveiled at Canalside in downtown Buffalo Tuesday. The art project is one of several to be unveiled across the region as part of the Public Art Initiative, which is a collaborative effort between the city of Buffalo, Erie County, and the Albright-Knox Art Gallery.

Library mural first of many planned public artworks

Aug 18, 2014
Ashley Hirtzel / WBFO

A new public art piece is being constructed outside the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library. The mural is one of several that will be put up as part of an Albright-Knox Art Gallery initiative across Erie County. A public art project is expected to be installed at Canalside over the next few weeks.

Graffiti targets being turned into public art

Jun 16, 2014

The public art organization responsible for murals on Tonawanda Street and Elmwood Avenue is now looking to bring their project to Hertel Avenue. Community Canvases is looking for artists to paint signal box murals along the city roadway this summer.

Mike Desmond/WBFO News

There may soon be more public art works around Buffalo as City Hall continues its work to repair existing installations.

Press Pass: Elizabeth Licata on public art

Nov 4, 2013
Photo by Buffalo Spree

Travel down some of Buffalo's streets these day and you're likely to find brightly colored murals on building facades. It's all part of what Buffalo Spree editor Elizabeth Licata says is "the year of the mural."  She joins WBFO's Mark Scott on this week's Press Pass to talk about public art.