Public Works Commissioner Steve Stepniak

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There will be plenty of drinking this weekend as part of the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Especially for Sunday’s parade. The BPD says they are ready to handle the crowd.

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Those responsible for clearing the City of Buffalo's streets say they are ready for winter. Mayor Byron Brown joined members of the city's Public Works, Parks and Streets Department to reveal new equipment which will join the existing snow-clearing inventory.

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With a third band of lake effect snow expected to his the City of Buffalo, snow plow crews are continuing to work to stay ahead of the weather.

Ferry Street bridge could reopen in spring

Jan 18, 2016
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It isn't ready to be used but the city's Ferry Street bridge has been lowered, as repair work continues.

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Construction work on Parkside next to Delaware Park is in sight, in the long-running fight over what to do about traffic and traffic speed.

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While the city's Ferry Street Bridge has become something of an artwork in the tradition of Christo, it's actually an environmental envelope in a section of the city especially concerned about air pollution.

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At a cold but sunny Earth Day announcement in Niagara Square, the City of Buffalo unveiled its first-ever ad campaign aimed at increasing recycling rates.

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As winter is left behind for the more construction-friendly weather of spring, the City of Buffalo begins its 2015 paving season. Mayor Byron Brown said residents across Buffalo will see the work of over $64 million in projects.

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The prospects for road repairs seem months away, but plans are already underway for the continued improvements to Kenmore Avenue.

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With heavy snowfall easing off, city crews are out there plowing streets back to the curbs and hauling snow away because there is no place to put much more along the pavement.

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The Buffalo Public Schools have a new process in place for deciding when to close schools. Heavy snowfall Monday morning made it difficult for school busses to navigate side streets.

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What is often referred to as the "Broadway Barn" is likely the oldest public building in Buffalo. Now, it may be facing a short future.

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Buffalo really doesn't like those shoddy road patches covering new underground work like telecommunications lines. The city has rules covering such problems and the Public Works Commissioner says they are enforced.

Ohio Street makeover starting to take shape

Aug 5, 2014
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The $11.3 million redevelopment of Ohio Street is starting to take shape in Buffalo. Mayor Byron Brown, Congressman Brian Higgins and Commissioner of Public Works Steven Stepniak provided an update Tuesday on the land-bridge, which is expected to help further public and private investment into the city.

Contents of 1920 time capsule revealed

Mar 28, 2014
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A time capsule from 1920 was reveled at the Buffalo History Museum Friday.

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The City of Buffalo says crews are hard at work removing snow from secondary and residential side streets from this week's blizzard. But as WBFO's Eileen Buckley reports, the media on Wednesday pressed one city official about why Buffalo never issued a travel ban during the height of the storm.