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A third wild animal has tested positive for the rabies virus in Niagara County this year.

U.S. Agriculture Department

Tuesday, Aug. 20 is the first day of scheduled rabies vaccine airdrops at numerous locations in Erie and Niagara Counties. Bait laced with the vaccine will be dropped in areas where wild animals known to carry rabies may be lurking. Erie County is also planning three rabies vaccine clinics next month to protect pets from the fatal virus.

Erie County Health Department

Crews have started airdropping rabies vaccine baits throughout rural areas of Erie County as part of a broader initiative to reduce rabies in animals along the Eastern Seaboard and along the Canadian Border.

Five fixed-wing aircraft are distributing baits through August 20. Additional distribution efforts in late August and early September in some open areas of Buffalo and in nearby towns and villages.

Rabies vaccine bait drops begin this week

Aug 15, 2016
Niagara County Health Department

New Yorkers may see planes and helicopters overhead this week, dropping thousands of pellets across city and rural areas. It is the annual rabies vaccine air drop and there are some things to remember when you see the waxy green, vanilla-scented packets.

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A second case of rabies in Western New York this year has been identified.

Erie County Health Department

A campaign to curb rabies amongst raccoons in Erie and Niagara County begins Wednesday, with some help from above.

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The Niagara County Health Department is issuing a rabies alert for anyone who worked at the Lakeview Animal Sanctuary over the past six months.

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The region's first case of rabies for the year has been reported.