Reddy Bikeshare

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In a year when bicycling has boomed throughout Western New York, Reddy BikeShare is adding 40 new bikes and 11 stations to the City of Buffalo. 

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It is not some visual quirk of the pandemic, you are indeed seeing more people riding bicycles on Western New York streets.

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Niagara Falls residents are being asked to weigh in with their recommendation for making their city more bicycle friendly.

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A Buffalo-based bikeshare program is preparing to open its 2018 season by rolling out a fleet of 200 "smart" bicycles throughout the city.

Reddy Bikeshare

Many residents are taking advantage of a local bike-sharing program and pedaling more miles than in the previous season.

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An initiative that has promoted pedal power throughout the area is celebrating its one year anniversary in Buffalo.

Photo courtesy of American Diabetes Association

The American Diabetes Association's annual fundraising bike ride -- the Tour de Cure -- is coming up early next month. Saturday, association members teamed up with riders from the group Reddy Bikeshare to promote the event.

Bike tourism in Buffalo to be promoted

Mar 7, 2017
Chris Caya WBFO News

A new campaign to help steer more tourists to see Buffalo by bicycle is getting underway.

Reddy bikeshare

What happens when 200 bicycles are strategically placed at 35 stations throughout Buffalo for people to share?

Reddy bike-sharing program rolled out in Buffalo

Jul 21, 2016
Chris Caya WBFO News

A new bike-sharing program officially rolled out in Buffalo on Thursday. There are now 200 Reddy bikes available for public use at 30 stations across the city.

In the not-too-distant future, you are going to see bright red bikes being pedaled around town and parked in computer-controlled racks in potentially busy areas. The bikes from Reddy Bikeshare are yet another sign of increasing interest in bicycling in a city which was a center of biking a century ago.