A recent investigation by New York State into mortgage lending practices highlights the continued problems of housing segregation in the Buffalo metro area. Governor Andrew Cuomo is proposing policies to expand home ownership in majority-minority neighborhoods, but members of a local home ownership equity group said the state’s recommendations fall short.

NYS probe finds racial gap in mortgage lending in Buffalo

Feb 4, 2021
File/NYS Div. of Housing and Community Renewal

An investigation by New York state into mortgage lenders in the city of Buffalo found that those companies favored white applicants over those seeking to live in neighborhoods populated mostly by people of color, according to a report on the probe released Thursday.

An $825,000 settlement between Evans Bank and New York State could provide a major boost to revitalization efforts on Buffalo's East Side.

Low-income people of color who want to buy a house face serious problems in Buffalo. That's the view of the Buffalo Community Reinvestment Coalition, which is pressuring banks to issue mortgages in certain part of the city where they say redlining is occurring, which is barred by law.

Chris Caya/WBFO News

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is accusing Evans Bank of refusing to offer mortgages to African-Americans in Buffalo.