road repair

Thomas O'Neil-White

Springtime in Western New York means crews will soon be making road repairs. In Erie County, an investment of over $40 million will be used on new road and bridge projects in 2019.

WBFO News file photo

Commuters should begin seeing crews out there fixing potholes but the work will appear different because there will be steam coming off the patch. With area asphalt plants starting to open, permanent road repairs can begin.

Erie County Clerk's Office / WBFO News

Funding for road repair and snow plowing in Erie County could receive its own dedicated funding source.

Day and night, Thruway crews and private contractors are out on the superhighway getting it ready for another winter of wear.

Repair work started early this year because construction season started early and the workers were out there early. Projects ranged from washing salt off road and bridges to getting that hot black top in the trucks to put down on the pavement.

The big project is between Hamburg and Silver Creek, the third year of work on a $91 million re-paving of the road.