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A family-owned business in Niagara Falls is marking 100 years of operation by celebrating completion of a large-scale renovation of the building where it all began in 1920.

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Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul held the first of several planned regional "Build Back Better" roundtable meetings Tuesday morning in Niagara Falls. Local tourism and hospitality leaders sat in on what Hochul referred to as a "dream team" to discuss how the region's attractions have prepared, reopened and conducted business amid a continuing COVID-19 pandemic.

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The City of Niagara Falls will provide funding to more than a dozen programs who requested a share of the city's Federal CARES Act dollar allocation. While a federal representative was there to help share the news, he also took aim at the federal government and what he calls their failure to help the people, medically and economically, during the COVID pandemic.

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Western New Yorkers' eyebrows were raised when, two weeks ago, protesters in Niagara Falls and police overseeing them met and knelt together. While the mayor welcomed the respectful atmosphere, he admits there are issues of inequality that exist and must be addressed. He explained Thursday how he'd like to do it.

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Five of New York State's economic regions will enter Phase Three of reopening Friday, including the Finger Lakes and Central New York regions. Western New York could be eligible as early as next Tuesday. Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul visited Niagara County Thursday, bringing a message of hope but also continued calls to honor social distancing and wearing of masks in public.

Thomas O'Neil-White

A new year means a new beginning for the City of Niagara Falls. That is what community leaders are hoping for in 2020.

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There is positive economic news developing in Niagara Falls as the city has $10 million available from the state in Downtown Revitalization grants. However, the Local Planning Committee needs to sift through $20 million in proposals and decide which projects become reality.

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Incoming Niagara Falls Mayor Robert Restaino said the Cataract City needs help, but much of that help will come from its residents.

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Democrat Robert Restaino will be the next mayor of Niagara Falls, easily defeating three other candidates in Tuesday's election.

A new mayor is on the ballot in Niagara Falls

Nov 4, 2019
Chris Caya / WBFO News

For the first time in nearly a dozen years, Paul Dyster is not running for Mayor of Niagara Falls. After three terms in office, Dyster decided against seeking re-election. WBFO's Chris Caya profiles the candidates vying to become the city's new mayor.