Scajaquada Expressway

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The struggle over the Scajaquada Expressway's speed limit continues, with two Buffalo councilmembers suggesting a different approach.

Buffalo Police are investigating a multi-vehicle accident Monday morning that sent two female police officers to the hospital.

Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy

A nationally recognized expert on livable transportation says the Scajaquada Expressway is a small part of a larger need for land-use planning in this area. Ian Lockwood visited at the invitation of the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy to look at the park road, as the state Department of Transportation deadline for comment approaches.

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New York State will avoid a government shutdown after lawmakers approved a two-month stopgap spending plan Monday.

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Across Buffalo, a state agency is looking at extending the Metro Rail, another state agency is looking at re-doing the Scajaquada, another group is looking at finding a new Amtrak station and Congressman Brian Higgins is advocating removal of the Skyway. Buffalo's Common Council wants to put together a working group to look at the effect of all of these on the city.

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Construction for the Scajaquada Corridor Project could start by the end of the year but not before community leaders formally submit public comments on how to improve the $101 million project.

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The State Department of Transportation wants to start awarding construction contracts late this year to turn the Scajaquada Expressway into Scajaquada Boulevard. However, a packed house Wednesday night suggested the plan still is not right, after 15 years of studies and a toddler's death.

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Planning is moving forward to turn the Scajaquada Expressway into an urban boulevard.

If you're among the motorists who have been thumbing their noses at the 30 mph speed limit on the Scajaquada Expressway, Buffalo's top law enforcer says there will soon be a greater chance that you'll be slapped with a speeding ticket.

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The new state budget includes several projects designed to transform Buffalo's transportation infrastructure. Gov. Andrew Cuomo provided highlights Wednesday before a packed house at the Buffalo Museum of Science. 

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Think Scajaquada Boulevard not Expressway. The state Department  of Transportation is prepared to spend $100 million to turn the road into what it calls an urban boulevard in harmony with the surrounding community.

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While state officials will be releasing its proposals for the future of the Scajaquada Expressway Wednesday night, the Partnership for the Public Good has come out with its plans for the roadway.

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The State Transportation Department is suspending work on constructing two new pedestrian crossings on the Scajaquada Expressway.

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The Scajaquada through Delaware Park will get some more construction before the snow settles in.

State urged to complete further changes to Scajaquada

Aug 31, 2015
Michael Mroziak, WBFO

While welcoming a lowered speed limit along Route 198, members of the Scajaquada Corridor Coalition say they're awaiting additional changes to the roadway announced earlier this summer, including pedestrian crossings.

Governor makes stop along the Scajaquada

Aug 5, 2015
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Governor Cuomo made a stop to check out safety enhancements along the Scajaquada Expressway during his trip to Buffalo Tuesday. 

Police enforcing 30 mph on Scajaquada

Jul 29, 2015

Amid fierce debate about what the future speed limit should be on the Scajaquada Expressway, Buffalo police are letting motorists know that the current  30 mph speed limit is not negotiable. Officers have written about 500 speeding tickets on the 198 since early June.

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The Scajaquada Expressway will have crosswalks by the end of the summer. That's from State Assemblyman Sean Ryan last night to a meeting of the Scajaquada Corridor Coalition filling the auditorium of the Buffalo History Museum.

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A small and vocal group turned out in front of City Hall Thursday to oppose a possible variable speed limit on the Scajaquada Expressway. The protesters say the speed limit from end to end on the the roadway should remain 30 miles per hour.

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The State Department of Transportation has announced that "traffic calming" initiatives will be implemented this year along the Scajaquada Corridor following a tragedy that took the life of a three-year-old boy in May. 

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Motorists could see another change in the speed limit on Buffalo's Scajaquada Expressway.

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With the future of the Scajaquada Expressway studied for years, State Senator Mark Panepinto says it's time for the State Department of Transportation to make a decision.

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It's summer and as some drivers have noticed, that is when area roads and bridges and repaired or replaced and traffic is slowed.

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Now that traffic on the Scajaquada has been slowed in the wake of the death of three-year-old Maksym Sugorovskiy, Parkside area residents want to know: How about slowing down Parkside traffic off the expressway?

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A Saturday tragedy is leading to major changes on the Scajaquada Expressway, especially where it cuts through Delaware Park. Signs ordering drivers to slow to 30 miles per hour were installed in response.

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sunday issued an executive order for the state Department of Transportation to lower the speed limit on the Scajaquada Expressway to 30 mph following Saturday's tragic vehicle accident that claimed the life of a 3-year-old boy and left his 5-year-old sister in critical condition.

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A tragic accident in Delaware Park yesterday killed one child and left another clinging to life.

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A child is dead and another is in critical condition after a car struck them in Delaware Park.

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The State Department of Transportation took opening bids for the re-construction of the Elmwood Avenue Bridge over the Scajaquada Expressway, on February 5.

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The state has proposed a new Elmwood Avenue bridge over the Scajaquada that will look more like the historic stone bridges of Delaware Park.