school suspensions

Kyle S. Mackie / WBFO News

A community meeting about the number of suspensions in Buffalo Public Schools drew dozens of parents, students and activists Thursday night. The growing coalition is calling for a ban on suspensions in pre-K through third grade, with the ultimate goal of ending all out-of-school suspensions.


David Wright is well aware of the negative outcomes associated with dropping out of school.

“I always had problems in school growing up,” Wright said. “Just acting out. Getting into arguments and fights with the teacher and everything.”


A new report from the State Bar Association says the current school discipline system is creating a school-to-prison pipeline.

WBFO News photo by Eileen Buckley

Black students at Buffalo Public Schools are twice as likely to be suspended as white students. That is according to results of a new report issued Monday by The New York Equity Coalition.  Niagara Falls City School rates also have high rates. WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley has reaction from both districts.

Buffalo schools are again grappling with the issues of student conduct and suspensions.  A discussion of the proposed code of conduct was held at McKinley High School Tuesday night, the first in a series of public meetings on the plan.