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Racial flashpoints across the United States this year have ignited debate about race and social equality in this country. WBFO Arts & Culture Desk producer Scott Sackett continues his series on the arts and social integration with a look at some of the most pressing social questions in America today, through the prism of Buffalo's Colored Musicians Club.

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The National Federation for Just Communities works closely with students. This week it hosted its annual Spring High School Youth Leadership Conference. WBFO's Senior reporter Eileen Buckley met with three Buffalo high school teenagers at Temple Beth Zion where they discussed racism and segregation issues. 

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High school students continue to take a strong interest in social justice. Students at Nardin Academy High School in Buffalo attended a private screening of the film Hidden Figures, and WBFO's Senior Reporter Eileen Buckley says after viewing the movie, students returned to their classrooms showcasing a day of celebrating and empowering women.   

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A crowded audience in the Downtown Library last night heard about how segregation continues to restrict spreading economic prosperity to all parts of Buffalo. The town hall meeting served the opening of the 2016  Buffalo Humanities Festival.

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The plight of Buffalo's public schools has become the subject of a New York Times editorial.