Sexual Abuse

Christ the King Seminary

Another priest in the Buffalo Catholic Diocese has been put on leave. This time it involves an alleged sexual advance made on an adult.

A group of Catholics empowered to advise U.S. bishops on their handling of clergy sex abuse is accusing the bishops of "a loss of moral leadership" and recommending that lay Catholics like themselves should henceforth be responsible for investigating clergy misconduct.

A Boston attorney was in Rochester Wednesday morning to announce that his firm is representing a group of people who say they were sexually abused by priests in the Rochester Catholic Diocese, during a period of time from 1950 to 1978.  

The lawyer, Mitchell Garabedian, who has been prominent for representing victims of sexual abuse by priests and was depicted in the movie Spotlight, is making allegations against 8 priests. Garabedian says the alleged victims are now between the ages of 52 and 77.

The 8 priests the allegations are being made against are:

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The New York State Senate has passed a bill that would protect students from sexual abuse.  WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley says this bill calls to close a loophole preventing private schools from reporting abuse and will require training. 

The Catholic Diocese of Buffalo has released a list of names of 42 diocesan priests who were removed from ministry, were retired, or left ministry after allegations of sexual abuse of a minor. 

Michael Mroziak, WBFO

Days after a local Catholic priest admitted to the Buffalo News he had sexual encounters with dozens of teenage boys, the Diocese of Buffalo has announced a compensation program for victims of sexual abuse.


The FBI is looking for information about a possible pedophile.

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An Orleans County pastor was sentenced to 15 years in prison Monday after being convicted of sexual abusing two children more than a decade ago.

The month of April is Sexual Abuse Awareness Month and, in Buffalo, one organization will be hosting an annual fun but thought-provoking event to raise attention to the problem.

Lawmaker seeks change to abuse statute

Feb 6, 2015
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Efforts are being made to repeal New York State's statue of limitations in response to claims recently brought forward by two victims of child sexual abuse.

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Two Western New Yorkers are calling on Pope Francis to investigate their cases of sexual abuse against the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo.

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A former Orleans County minister was convicted Monday in Orleans County Court of sexually abusing two children over a decade ago while he was a minister of the Ashwood Wesleyan Church in Lyndonville.

Cheektowaga Police have charged a soccer coach with allegedly having sexual contact with a 12-year-old girl. 

Orleans County pastor arrested on sexual abuse charges

Nov 27, 2013
New York State Police

State Police have arrested a Middleport pastor and charged him with a series of felony sexual charges, including incest.

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Batavia Police are seeking the public's help in a case regarding two sexual predators.

The Catholic Diocese of Buffalo is one of a number of Diocese contacting parishoners about alleged misconduct by a priest.

The release by the Boy Scouts of America of what are being called their "perversion files" has affected a local man.

The files document 20 years of sexual abuse perpetrated by adults connected with the organization and which was covered up. Kenneth Dingman's name is in that file. Dingman denies ever sexually abusing a child, though he did plead guilty to such charges in 1975 and in 1996.

Dingman was forced out of the scouting organization and has spent ten years in prison for a variety of charges.