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NEW YORK (AP) _ A federal appeals court has overturned the corruption conviction of former New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. 

Silver, Skelos seek freedom pending appeals

Jul 13, 2016
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Reacting to a Supreme Court ruling, two former top New York State legislators convicted of public corruption crimes are urging judges to let them remain free pending appeal.

Silver to be sentenced today

May 3, 2016
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Former New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver will soon learn his fate, following his November conviction in a $5 million corruption case. Judge Valerie Caproni is scheduled to sentence the Manhattan Democrat today.

Charles Lane, WSHU

Two special elections were also held Tuesday, to fill the seats vacated by the two former legislative leaders, who were both convicted of felony corruption and had to resign.

Silver's days as Assembly Speaker ends Monday

Feb 2, 2015

Sheldon Silver's 21 years as the leader of the New York State Assembly are coming to a close. The Manhattan Democrat will resign late Monday following his arrest on federal corruption charges.

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Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is backing away from power as he deals with public corruption charges facing him in federal court. Silver is appointing five Assembly members to share in his duties.

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Buffalo trial attorney Terry Connors spoke with WBFO live Friday morning to provide insight into the corruption case against New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and the legal process ahead.

Governor, legislative leaders visiting Israel

Aug 11, 2014
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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and top state legislators are heading to Israel this week for a two-day visit to show "solidarity'' during that country's conflict in Gaza.

Governor Cuomo continues to face a challenge from the left leaning members of his own party, that will play out at the end of the week in the Working Families Party convention.  In addition, a progressive Democrat and wealthy businessman is threatening to try to get on the ballot for Lieutenant Governor.

Legislative leaders say they are working together and are close to a budget agreement, after a blow up that left the Senate and Assembly leaders negotiating separately with Governor Cuomo.

The next several days will be crucial for negotiations on the state budget.

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Assembly Democrats say there should be more money for schools and the environment, and major changes to Governor Cuomo’s plan to freeze property taxes.

Assembly approves bill to delay parts of the Common Core

Mar 6, 2014
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The New York State Assembly has approved a bill to delay some of the effects of the state’s Common Core learning standards. The measure, sponsored by Democrat Catherine Nolan, passed Wednesday by a vote of 110-to-10.

Assembly passes Dream Act

Feb 26, 2014
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Assembly Democrats on Tuesday passed a one-house version of the Dream Act, a bill to give college aid to the children of undocumented immigrants. They urged the Senate to follow suit.

Focus on Education: The rollout of Common Core

Feb 18, 2014
Ashley Hirtzel / WBFO News

All this week, WBFO’s Focus on Education is bringing you a series of stories about the Common Core learning standards. Our second installment takes a look at the rollout of the standards and why it appears New York State is leading the way.

The debate over universal pre kindergarten shows no signs of slowing down at the Capitol. The Democratic Mayor of New York City is not backing down from his plan to tax the wealthy to pay for pre-K, but that plan is expected to be blocked by Albany.

Photo from Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak's Facebook page

There is still no sign of State Assemblyman Dennis Garbryszak, democrat, since seven women have accused him of sexual harassment. Some speculate that he will not appear at the Governor's State of the State address in Albany Wednesday.

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A key lawmaker says the state’s minimum wage, which as of December 31st is $8 an hour, should jump to $9 an hour by next year.

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Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is proposing tuition assistance for illegal immigrants in New York State.