A shooting on Buffalo's East Side early Sunday morning left two people wounded.

A string of shootings over the weekend are the latest incidences of an increase in gun violence across the city in recent weeks.

A 27-year-old Buffalo man is dead following a shooting on Freund Street, the latest victim in a string of fatal shootings that have happened in the city in recent days.

The start of a new school year has schools superintendents across the region paying extra attention to security procedures.

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With pressure from President Trump for teachers to be armed in the wake of the school massacre in Florida, there is also increasing pressure for armed college professors with the dorm shootings at Central Michigan University.

A rash of shootings in Buffalo this weekend left one man dead and two seriously wounded.

The combative relationship between police and the minority community has never been more prevalent than today, but black Americans know it’s been around for longer than history books record. That’s why they prepare their children as best as they can.

Buffalo Police investigate Parkside motorist shootings

Jan 7, 2016
Photo provided by Amber Small, Parkside Community Association.

Buffalo Police are asking for help sorting out a dispute between people in two different vehicles that resulted in a double shooting. 

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More than 200 police officers, prosecutors and other law enforcers wrapped up a two day seminar in Saratoga Tuesday that aimed to reduce gun violence.

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Labor Day weekend is off to a dangerous start in the city of Buffalo, as police investigate three early morning shootings.

Buffalo Police make arrests in recent gun incidents

Dec 30, 2014
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Buffalo Police say four people have been arrested in connection with a gun incident this weekend in the Central Park neighborhood. Police are investigating whether the four suspects may be connected to recent shootings in the area.

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Buffalo Police have beefed up patrols after the city recorded nearly a dozen shootings over the past two weeks.


Two men who were shot Tuesday evening are the latest victims in a recent burst of street violence in the City of Buffalo.

Buffalo police are investigating two shootings on the city's East Side this weekend that have left seven people wounded.

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A grand jury has cleared a trio of Buffalo Police officers for their actions in a pair of on-duty shootings.

All of the policemen were found to have responded to life threatening situations. Officer Mark Andrzejak was cleared of all charges in the fatal shooting of 25-year-old John Sordetto. Officers Karl Schultz and Jason Whitenight were cleared in the shooting of 17-year-old Wilson Morales.

The grand jury finalized its decisions earlier in the week.

The professionals at Erie County Medical Center are no strangers to tragedy.  As the region's trauma center, the doctors, nurses, and staff are accustomed to dealing with some of the most horrific cases. 

Now, the facility is working  just as hard to "heal its own" in the wake of yesterday's fatal shooting.

When trauma occurs in the midst of a workplace, it can leave scars that often take years to disappear.

That's why yesterday, in the hours after 33-year-old Jackie Wisniewski was struck down by gunfire, staff moved quickly.

Buffalo police are hoping someone will come forward and identify the man who walked up to a birthday party Saturday night in Martin Luther King Park and fired multiple rounds into people leaving the party.

"One individual gunman is who we're looking for," Chief of Detectives Dennis Richards told WBFO and AM970 News.

Mayor Brown spent part of Sunday at the park, trying to reassure the public that the case will be solved swiftly.

"It certainly is a cowardly act," Richards said, noting the incident occurred the day before Mother's Day.