Social Justice

Thomas O'Neil-White

A life-long dream is coming a little closer to reality for India Walton as the activist and former Fruit Belt Land Trust Executive Director has made known her candidacy for next year’s mayoral election in the City of Buffalo.

Drea D'Nur

Friday morning, Buffalo artist, singer and songwriter Drea D’Nur released her latest album This Love Thing, which is co-executive produced with Chicago songwriter, Doctor Rami Nashashibi.

Solari Ekine / Social Justice Festival

Every day, communities grapple with conflicts and injustices that often remain unresolved because we lack the tools and vocabulary to effectively address them. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Buffalo State College is holding its annual Social Justice Festival to share methods, practices and experiences that bring people together for change.

Efforts to combat systemic injustice will take center stage tonight as people gather in the auditorium of a Buffalo high school to hear from a national scholar.

Mike Desmond/WBFO News

This is Day Four of Kwanzaa, the day of Ujamaa or cooperative economics that looks to build and maintain African-American stores and businesses. During this 50th year of Kwanzaa, Buffalo's local celebration remains among the largest in the country.

Charley Fisher

Organizers are hoping a unique event will thrust a spotlight on the need for racial equality.

WBFO file photo

Local religious leaders have been an advancing an agenda for the past 14 months that aims to minimize the chances that Buffalo will travel down the path that sparked tragedy in Ferguson and other communities.

NYS Assembly / WBFO News

Friday marked the start of the 44th annual Lawmakers Legislative Weekend for the Association of Black, Puerto Rican, and Asian members of the state assembly.