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Supporters of a measure that would end some legal immunity for police officers who injure or kill a citizen during an arrest rallied Wednesday at the State Capitol. They say the practice, known as qualified immunity, gives bad cops too much protection.

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The New York state legislature is scheduled to end its session in mid June. Lawmakers have a long list of priorities they hope to finish before then.

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A union representing correction officers in New York filed a federal lawsuit Monday to overturn the Humane Alternatives to Solitary Confinement Act, or HALT, a new law passed in March to limit the use of solitary confinement in state prisons.

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Jerome Wright readily admits to shedding tears late Wednesday night when news of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s signing of the Humane Alternatives to Long-Term Solitary Confinement, or HALT Act, reached him.

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed the HALT bill, limiting the use of solitary confinement to 15 days for those inmates in state prisons and county jails.

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The fate of legislation that would severely limit the use of solitary confinement in New York’s prisons is now in the hands of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has opposed the bill in the past over what his office projected as the cost of the measure.

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Solitary confinement in New York’s prisons would be severely limited under legislation set to pass this week in Albany, where a majority of Democrats who control the state Legislature support the measure.

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On the first day of the New York state legislative session, advocates and some legislators called for limits on solitary confinement in state prisons.

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Simultaneous rallies were held across New York on Wednesday, as advocates for solitary confinement alternatives demanded the state legislature reconvene to pass the HALT Solitary Confinement Act.

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New York State officials have proposed a three-year timeline to phase in new rules to curtail the amount of time prisoners can stay in solitary confinement.

There is a hunger strike underway in New York.

Activists and survivors are trying to convince state lawmakers to vote on a bill to end long-term solitary confinement. The bill would also ban the practice for those younger than 21 years old and older than 55, and for people with physical and mental disabilities.


Faith groups staged a protest and vigil this week at the state capital, calling for sharp new restrictions on the use of solitary confinement. New York has already reduced the number of special housing units in state prisons, but some lawmakers, activists and religious leaders say they haven’t gone far enough.

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Progressive-leaning groups say now that more Democrats have been elected to the New York State Senate,  they will hold their feet to the fire in January to ensure that measures like bail reform and legalizing marijuana are swiftly enacted into law.

Activists push for solitary confinement reform

Oct 11, 2018

A replica of a solitary confinement cell was set up outside the state office building Wednesday afternoon. A group of activists were protesting the state’s use of solitary confinement.

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Dozens of New York state lawmakers have written to Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the state's top corrections official to urge them to end solitary confinement of prisoners.

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New York is adopting new standards for the treatment of prisoners held in solitary confinement in local jails.