Office of the Governor

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday that most COVID-19 pandemic restrictions have ended in New York -- but he didn't discontinue the emergency powers he’s held since March 2020 -- and that has state Republican leaders fuming.

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The Childhood Poverty Reduction Act passed overwhelmingly during the state legislative session that wrapped up this week. Now, local leaders are urging Gov. Andrew Cuomo to sign it.

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A student group that lobbies for climate action is disappointed in New York lawmakers for failing to pass certain environmental bills during the past legislative session.

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The top Republican in the state legislature asks, if most of the COVID-19 restrictions are ending with New York's adult vaccination total hitting 70%, why won't the governor give up his emergency powers?

Office of the Governor

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday that he is lifting all remaining state COVID-19 restrictions, including requirements for masks and social distancing, and capacity limits at events, now that New York has reached the governor’s goal of 70% of adults receiving at least one dose of the vaccine.

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo will hold his regular COVID-19 briefing at 12:15 p.m. Monday at One World Trade Center in New York City. Watch it live here.

Office of the Governor

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the state is one-tenth of a percentage point away from his goal of having 70% of New Yorkers age 18 and over obtain at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccination.

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The 2021 legislative session concluded in the early hours of Friday morning, with a number of measures left unresolved.

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New York’s legislative session is drawing to a close, but without the usual frenzy of hallways crowded with lobbyists and protesters and few last minute backroom deals. For the second year in a row, the New York State Capitol has been off limits to visitors and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, facing multiple scandals, is largely isolated from the negotiations.

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The 2021 New York legislative session is in its final hours, with many items yet to be resolved. Criminal justice reforms continue to dominate at the end of the session, just as they have for the past two years. Here’s a look at what seems to be in, and what seems to be out.

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Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. Watch it here:

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An apparent deal has been reached between the New York State Senate and Assembly on several criminal justice measures, including the sealing of some criminal records to give convicts a second chance in life and a measure to hold gun manufacturers legally liable for people who commit crimes with their guns. 

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The New York State Senate’s Judiciary Committee held — what was at times — a contentious confirmation hearing for Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s nominees to the state’s highest court.

Office of the Governor

After a weekend of confusion for schoolchildren, their parents and teachers, Gov. Andrew Cuomo clarified changes in mask policy for schools in New York on Monday. He said children don’t have to wear masks outside, but do have to wear them inside.

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo is holding his regular COVID-19 update briefing in New York City. Watch it live here at 11:30 a.m.

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The New York State Senate approved a measure this week to allow adult survivors of sexual harassment and assault to bring their abusers to court. Advocates hailed the action, but said they are increasingly frustrated and “alarmed” over the state Assembly's failure to act on the bill and on other anti-sexual harassment measures.

New York State

New York State’s 7-day average COVID-19 positivity rate has hit a new record low.

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As the New York State Legislature’s session draws to a close, lawmakers are considering several criminal justice changes, including what’s known as the Clean Slate legislation. It would expunge some criminal records for those who have already served their time in prison.

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New York failed to provide desperately needed protective gear, testing and help with staffing for group homes serving residents with developmental and intellectual disabilities at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders of those homes and family members told lawmakers at a legislative hearing Thursday.

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The New York law that legalized cannabis allows local municipalities to restrict commercial sales, but time is running out for them to do so.

Dems renew push for state Abortion Access Fund

Jun 3, 2021
New York NOW

Democratic lawmakers in New York are renewing calls for the creation of the Abortion Access Fund, which they say would minimize the cost of abortion services for low-income New Yorkers.

Office of the Governor

Taxpayers are set to foot the bill for a $2.5 million contract for lawyers representing Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office in an ongoing federal investigation over his administration's handling of COVID-19 data in nursing homes.

Jack Koval had a bright future when he graduated from college in 2016 and left his home in Rochester to take a dream job in New York City, where he found an apartment overlooking the Hudson River.

But six weeks after moving to the city, the 22-year-old Koval was struck and killed by an off-duty police officer as he crossed the street in a crosswalk.

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Supporters of a measure that would end some legal immunity for police officers who injure or kill a citizen during an arrest rallied Wednesday at the State Capitol. They say the practice, known as qualified immunity, gives bad cops too much protection.

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo will hold his regular COVID-19 briefing at 3 p.m. Wednesday in New York City. Watch it live here.

New York NOW

Democrats in New York are making a new push for stronger gun control laws in the remaining days of this year’s legislative session, including a provision that would allow individuals to sue gun manufacturers in the aftermath of a crime.

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Democrats who lead the New York State Legislature are moving ahead with several criminal justice reforms in the remaining weeks of the 2021 session. But Republicans, who are in the minority party, are pushing back, saying the measures go too far and will contribute to the rising crime rate across New York.

COVID rental assistance applications begin today

Jun 1, 2021
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New Yorkers who have fallen behind on their rent during the pandemic can apply to the state's $2.7 billion Rental Assistance program beginning Tuesday. Similar applications for $800 million in Small Business Recovery Grants can be submitted beginning June 10.

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Bars and restaurants no longer have to close at midnight across New York state, as its coronavirus curfew for indoor dining ended Monday.

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The New York State Police remains overwhelmingly white, an imbalance some troopers say is rooted in a legacy of racism.