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The State Legislature overnight approved a 2015-2016 budget that includes new education policies.  The reforms sought by Governor Cuomo in recent weeks linking state aid, teacher evaluations and standardized testing for students proved to be very controversial.

With details of the new budget plan still emerging, WBFO's Jay Moran spoke with Kenmore-Tonawanda School Board President Bob Dana about the direction the state is taking on education.

State budget passes in early morning hours

Apr 1, 2015

New York lawmakers have passed a $142 billion state spending plan that includes new spending on schools, changes in teacher evaluations and new ethics disclosure rules for lawmakers.  The Senate passed the budget late Tuesday night and the Assembly wrapped up early this morning.

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Governor Cuomo began the budget season with an ambitious agenda than included a wide array of items that he tied to the budget, including raising the minimum wage, the Dream Act, and reforming the state’s grand jury process. In the end, the governor was forced to retrench on nearly every measure.

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Governor Cuomo and legislative leaders reached a framework agreement for a budget deal late Sunday night and hope to begin passing bills Monday to meet the midnight Tuesday deadline.

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The state Assembly, Senate and Governor Cuomo continue to work on sticking points in the state budget, as yet another item has now been dropped from the spending plan, raising the state’s minimum wage.

Governor Cuomo and the legislature are considering a  commission to design a new teacher evaluation plan, in order to break an impasse over the state budget. But even some lawmakers admit that the compromise is just kicking the can down the road.

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Governor Cuomo and the legislature are making progress on the budget. Cuomo, after a private meeting with Senate Republicans, says he’s closer to an agreement on ethics reform, but the governor is getting some criticism for dropping some items out of the budget, including the Dream Act.

Deadline approaches for state budget

Mar 24, 2015
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With just over a week until the state budget is due, there’s pressure to drop a number of unrelated items in Governor Cuomo’s state spending plan.

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There’s just about a week and a half left before the budget deadline, and Governor Cuomo and lawmakers remain at odds over a number of issues, including whether ethics disclosure rules should apply to Governor Cuomo as well as the legislature.

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Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie gave his first broadcast interview to public radio and television. In it, he expressed his frustrations over Governor Cuomo’s decision to link numerous unrelated items to the state budget.

The state’s comptroller says he won’t be participating in a new pilot public campaign finance program agreed to in the state budget, and government reform groups say, they don’t blame him.

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College students and businesses have something to gain from the recently enacted state budget. One area lawmaker says the local economy should benefit, as well. 

Governor Cuomo and legislative leaders are touting the virtues of the newly enacted state budget, but the spending plan has its share of critics.

The finalized state budget includes $680 million in capital funds for the so-called Buffalo Billion.

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Lawmakers were hurrying late Monday to complete work on the state budget before the midnight deadline, but the spending plan is not without some controversy.

The state’s Comptroller says test public campaign finance plan that would apply only to his office is “seriously flawed”, and might even be unworkable.

Governor Cuomo and legislative leaders have finalized the details on a $138 billion state budget and say they are on track to meet tonight's deadline. The budget includes a multi-step plan that could  lower property taxes and $340 million for schools to start pre-K programs.

Legislative leaders say they are working together and are close to a budget agreement, after a blow up that left the Senate and Assembly leaders negotiating separately with Governor Cuomo.

The next several days will be crucial for negotiations on the state budget.

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Cardinal Timothy Dolan and bishops from around New York lobbied in Albany Tuesday for a tax credit that would help the state's schools, including Catholic schools. 

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The Senate and Assembly are set to begin conference committee meetings today, now that both houses have finished with their resolutions laying out their positions.

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Governor Andrew Cuomo says he's focused on working with legislative leaders on finalizing a new state budget by the April 1st start of the new fiscal year.

With the deadline for the state budget four weeks away, a push is on to block a proposed cut in state aid to libraries.

The legislature has finished it’s hearings on Governor Cuomo’s budget proposal, and will be ready to start crafting a spending plan once they return from the President’s Day break.

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Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio and other mayors from around the state were in Albany in their annual attempt to influence state policy and spending.

WNY state delegation reacts to Governor’s budget

Jan 22, 2014
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Members of the Western New York delegation offered reaction Tuesday to Governor Andrew Cuomo's proposed budget plan.

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Now that elections are over, deadlines for the state budget are rapidly approaching. Comptroller Tom DiNapoli has released a largely positive budget outlook for the New Year, though he warns of some uncertainties.

Cuomo's visit to Buffalo postponed

Apr 1, 2013

Governor Andrew Cuomo visit to Buffalo Monday has been postponed.

The state legislature  finished voting just before midnight Thursday on the state budget. Final passage is occurring one week past lawmakers’ s self imposed deadline, but three days before  the spending plan was due to be finished.

There is good news for local school districts in the state budget being finalized in Albany. The agreement hammered out between Gov. Cuomo and lawmakers provides more than $21 billion in aid to education, an increase of nearly $1 billion.