teacher training

Courtesy of Holocaust Resource Center of Buffalo.

The Holocaust Resource Center of Buffalo will host a free teacher training Wednesday featuring an expert from Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem.

Albany is ramping up the pressure to raise the quality of teachers in public schools -- not just current teachers with a rating system, but also new teachers by improving training programs.

Across the country and in Albany, the push is on to improve the quality of the adult standing in front of a classroom of young people.

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There's a great struggle underway in education about teachers, questioning the way they are trained to be placed in front of a classroom of kids.

It's a routine event at school boards to complain that the teachers just aren't doing their jobs and that kids aren't learning because the teachers just aren't good enough.

Buffalo State College Dean of Education Wendy Paterson said it's not nearly that simple, pointing out the best single predictor of how well kids will do is the education of their parents.