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Kriner Cash received a B on his report card last night, as the Buffalo school board completed its annual evaluation of the schools superintendent.

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Big changes are going on at academically troubled BUILD Academy as it transitions to BUILD Community School.

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Buffalo Public Schools are rushing to look at internal data - data on issues like attendance - to see if it is accurate.

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It is not an unusual complaint: people sitting around a table discussing important issues - while staring at their cell phones. This time, the complaints are coming from television audiences watching Buffalo School Board meetings.

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Buffalo Public Schools are grappling with bad grades. The issue goes beyond the standard problems of scores on state standardized tests. Officials want to understand why so many city students are getting extremely poor marks on their report cards each marking period.

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A workshop on school violence provided Buffalo School members a forum to share their perspectives on the issue. Despite their differences, all agreed that something needs to be done.

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The Buffalo School Board majority has been knocked out by voters in Tuesday night’s election, with brand new members ready to take on education.

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Wednesday night’s meeting of the Buffalo Public School Board came with an overwhelming theme that some things needs to change. Among them: the long-looming issues of chronic absenteeism; distribution of grant funding, and the behavior and operations of the board, itself.

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At what started out as a relatively orderly meeting of the Buffalo School Board Wednesday night, board members voted to appoint an interim superintendent. Current Associate Superintendent for Human Resources Darren Brown will take over for outgoing interim Donald Ogilvie on July 1.

The new mandatory kindergarten classes in Buffalo are expected to help two academically struggling groups of city students: the poor and those who have English as a second language.

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By September 1, Buffalo schools are hoping to have a "new" Bennett High School.

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Faced with a potential sit-in at the board room, the Buffalo School Board last night agreed to a direct meeting next Wednesday with the District Parent Coordinating Council.

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Buffalo Public School principals and teachers are going to be notified they have to take classroom attendance, once the memo completes its path through the City Hall bureaucracy.