Town of Amherst

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At a gathering hosted and sponsored by the Amherst Chamber of Commerce, Amherst Town Supervisor Brian Kulpa delivered an annual State of the Town address which focused on bringing new life to a former box strip business plaza, saving lives by introducing a more coordinated traffic stoplight systen for busy intersections and replacing the numerous trees removed amid development projects.

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Ground was broken Tuesday afternoon in Amherst announcing a new retail center in the old Northtown Plaza. Station Twelve features retail shops along with exercise and event space.

New lighting going up on Niagara Falls Blvd.

Aug 14, 2019

Motorists who travel a busy a section of Niagara Falls Boulevard, in Amherst, will soon have an easier time navigating after dark.

Boulevard Mall sold at auction for $24 million

Apr 3, 2019

A local developer has won the bidding war for the faltering Boulevard Mall.

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The town of Amherst is celebrating its bicentennial this year. Many view Amherst as a generic suburb, filled with big box stores, office parks and jammed four-lane roadways. But in this week's Press Pass with WBFO's Mark Scott, Buffalo Spree editor Elizabeth Licata says that characterization is unfair. She says Amherst has a storied history, dating back to the earliest days of our region.

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While much has been made recently about apparent conflicts of interest at the highest levels of the federal government, a new report is placing the spotlight on the potential for such conflicts on the local level. In a review of the financial disclosure forms required for elected officials in 10 area government entities, the Buffalo Niagara Coalition for Open Government found some troubling inconsistencies.

Michael Mroziak, WBFO

Catholic Health is planning to relocate its STAR treatment center within the Town of Amherst. On Friday, a candidate for Amherst Town Supervisor suggested that while drug treatment centers are needed, the planned future site is the wrong place to put one.

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Even with a state-level law suit finally at an end, real estate developer Acquest has yet to find out if it will be able to turn property in the Town of Amherst into a new office park.

Cuomo touts property tax relief plan in Amherst

Apr 10, 2014
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Governor Andrew Cuomo told hundreds of invited guests at the Main Transit Fire Hall in Amherst Thursday the new state budget provides more than $100 million in property tax relief over three years.

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A state audit of the Town of Amherst's books is reporting some deficiencies.

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The guidelines for operating food trucks in the Town of Amherst have been settled.

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State Supreme Court Justice Timothy Walker has ruled against a petition to provide voters in Amherst a referendum on a ward system for the town.

Such a system would have candidates for the Town Board represent defined districts as opposed to the Town as a whole. A similar petition was narrowly rejected by voters in 2010.

Town Democrats were supporting the current petition, while Republicans were opposed to it.

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The Town Board in Amherst has approved a lifetime perk for a Town Justice based upon his personal plea.

Judge Mark Farrell and his wife will receive lifetime health insurance coverage, though town policies explicitly exclude such coverage as a possible benefit. In a closed session, Farrell argued before the board that he was verbally granted the coverage when he became Town Justice in 1994. No records or evidence of that agreement exist, but Board members contend that Farrell was convincing in his argument.

The annual cost to the town will be $9,000.

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The Amherst Planning Board has cried foul on fowl.

The Board voted 5 to 1 against permitting residents to make a request to the Town Board for allowing chickens to be raised at family homes. The Town Board could still review the ordinance that would allow for up to six chickens to be raised by homeowners. A permit would be required for housing the birds.

Currently, zoning laws prohibit having chickens at most residences.

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A preponderance of beavers is gnawing at Town of Amherst residents.

The summer's dry conditions have area beavers chewing down more trees than usual for the creation of dams. The critters have begun to damage memorial trees planted along the Amherst bike path, and that is raising the ire of locals. Traps are being set to control the beaver population, an approach for which the town does have a nuisance permit. The method does lead to the death of the trapped animal.

In 2010, 112 beavers were eliminated in Erie County in accordance with the permits.

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Administrators in the Town of Amherst are optimistic that its taxpayer supported golf courses will soon become profitable.

The town's trio of golf courses have lost money over the previous three seasons, with deficits rising to nearly $300,000 in 2011. The town operates the Audubon, Oakwood and Audubon Par Three golf courses. Administrators blame the lackluster performance at the courses to poor weather, competition from private courses, and ongoing construction projects that interrupted play.