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As of October 2020, New York State residents will not be able to fly domestically without proper documentation, nor will they be able to enter certain federal facilities.


Wait times at the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport remain low despite TSA agents working without pay. But how long will things continue to run smoothly? WBFO’s Nick Lippa reports.

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Some New York lawmakers are among those criticizing a TSA proposal to allow thousands of passenger a day to board commercial flights at smaller and mid-sized American airports without TSA screening.

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Some Americans have been trailed and closely monitored by undercover air marshals as they traveled on U.S. flights, as part of a previously undisclosed Transportation Security Administration program called Quiet Skies. The marshals take notes on the targeted traveler's behavior, sending detailed reports to the TSA.

Airlines including American, Delta and Alaska have announced restrictions on so-called smart luggage because the lithium-ion batteries found in many of these suitcases pose a fire risk.

These kinds of bags have proliferated in recent years, including motorized suitcases you can ride and one pitched as an autonomous "robot companion" that follows you around.

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As millions of Americans finalize their Thanksgiving travel plans, a new report is revealing what Sen. Chuck Schumer calls "deeply alarming" facts about the effectiveness of Transportation Security Administration screening at U.S. airports.

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The Transportation Security Administration's updated rules for passenger carry-on screenings are finally taking effect in Buffalo. On Thursday, TSA officials offered a demonstration of the new rules and what must now be unpacked from carry-on bags during the screening process.

A Batavia man is facing charges for bringing a loaded handgun to Buffalo Niagara International Airport on Friday.

Senator Chuck Schumer criticized President Trump's plan to slash costal and airport security funding.

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Unusually long lines clogged Buffalo Niagara International Airport on Monday. It's part of a trend forming at airports around the country, one that Senator Charles Schumer believes can be alleviated with more canine patrols.

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The Buffalo Niagara International Airport has finally landed a two-year-old program that makes it easier for travelers to get through security.

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It's soon going to be easier to board a plane at Buffalo Niagara International Airport, at least for some.

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A uniformed TSA officer working at the airport has been arrested on drug charges.

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Americans should feel more secure, even with what happened at the Boston Marathon.  That's from Steven MacMartin, former U.S. Customs officer and director of the Homeland Security Program at Medaille College.