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The University at Buffalo is moving into the academic fundraising big leagues with a new "Boldly Buffalo" goal of $1 billion.

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On Wednesday, the University at Buffalo announced some good news for those who might be having a bad week.

Researchers at the university are looking for people who just got diagnosed with COVID-19 to participate in an outpatient treatment study. 


The University at Buffalo men’s and women's basketball teams are preparing for the Mid-American Conference tournament, now that the playoffs are back from a pandemic hiatus.

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration receives many complaints about problems with drugs and medical devices. A team from the University at Buffalo has been assigned the task of figuring out which of these complaints are a serious health risk.

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The deadline for New York's budget is weeks away and there are still major revenue and expense issues, even with the billions of dollars in federal stimulus cash approved on Saturday. A coalition of progressive groups is pushing controlling Democrats to raise taxes on the rich.

University at Buffalo

Last year, a team of 43 clinicians and researchers from 14 nations drafted the international guidelines for treating patients seriously ill with COVID-19. Those guidelines were recently updated. One of the team members may be found at the University at Buffalo's Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

Buffalo Zoo

Elephants are a favorite animals of people who like to watch the huge mammals roam vast plains and use their long trunks for food and water. What’s different about elephants is that they can get cancer, but don’t die from it.

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A year ago, prospective business owners could feel confident, based upon 11 consecutive years of economic growth. The pandemic, of course, has raised several questions as enterprises look to move forward.

New York State Board of Elections

The next time Congress and both houses of the state legislature are on the ballot, there will likely be fewer Congressional seats to fight over and very different legislative districts.

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Have you ever looked out across Lake Erie or Lake Ontario and wondered what’s going on in that water? The Great Lakes have changed drastically over the last few centuries and there is increasing scientific interest to figure out why.

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It may sound easy: vaccinate nursing home staff and residents against COVID-19 and the horrors of the last year will recede into the history books. But a local doctor says, it’s not that simple.

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A mass COVID-19 vaccination site is now active on the University at Buffalo’s South Campus, one of three New York state-run sites to open on Tuesday. However, questions remain about how many doses and appointments the site can handle, as the state struggles to meet vaccine demand with a declining supply of doses from the federal government.

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Longtime Democratic party leader Joseph F. Crangle died early Tuesday morning at his Williamsville home. He was 88.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

The United States may be having trouble getting vaccine into the arms of those who need to be protected against COVID-19, it isn’t because of a shortage.

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Polypharmacy in older adults has been increasing, as about four in 10 Americans 65 and older take at least five medications, according to a 2015 study from Harvard University. Now research from the University at Buffalo has discovered that all this overprescribing is leading to more hospitalizations and out-of-pocket costs.

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While a lot of people are becoming ill — and sometimes very ill — from COVID-19, it continues to disproportionately hit minority groups, many of whom fall into the "essential worker" category, which means they have to go to work in reality, not virtually.

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Around the world, perhaps 1 billion people are afflicted with neglected infectious diseases. A team from the University at Buffalo is working with scientists from a series of poor countries and a Spanish pharmaceutical company to change some of that.

University at Buffalo

University at Buffalo researchers are working on a national study of a medication to protect the health of peoplewho come in close contact with someone with COVID-19.

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The joys of Thanksgiving and Christmas are looking dim right now, as the COVID-19 situation gets worse. Gov. Andrew Cuomo will say Monday if the lid is coming down again on parts of the community which have rapidly rising COVID totals.

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University at Buffalo researchers are working on a new way to use free solar power to provide clean water, potentially changing many aspects of life in the Third World and elsewhere.

Young voters of Western New York
Courtesy of UB Athletics (left), Rory Wheeler (center) and Myra McAlevey (right)

Youth voter turnout appears to be surging this election season. As record early voting numbers continue to stream in, WBFO’s Kyle Mackie spoke to six young voters living in Western New York about what’s influencing their vote.

Researchers around the world are searching for a vaccine to counter the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of those studies are happening nearby. "We are really lucky to live in an area where cutting-edge research is really pushing science to deal with this pandemic," said Dr. Nancy Nielsen, Senior Associate Dean for Health Policy at UB's Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. Two vaccine trials--for Johnson and Johnson, and Pfizer-- are taking place in Rochester. "UB is beginning a clinical trial of the Regeneron monoclonal antibodies. That's what was given to the President." Nielsen encourages those interested in helping to seek out available studies. 

University at Buffalo

The University at Buffalo Bulls will play their first two football games on national television, pending final approval from the New York State Department of Health.

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Counting the transgender population is tricky, as many avoid revealing their sexual orientation for fear of discrimination or worse. Transgender women of color, for example, remain the most abused and murdered group in America. So it takes a special kind of courage and compassion to dedicate your adult trans life to helping others on the same journey.

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There is no connection between undocumented immigrants and crime. That is the conclusion of a new report from a University at Buffalo team.

The Nobel Prize

A local doctor who specializes in liver diseases is celebrating his mentor sharing a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his work discovering the Hepatitis C virus.

UB Athletics

The University at Buffalo is reporting an outbreak of COVID-19 in its Athletics Department, with more than two dozen student-athletes across three teams affected.


Tim Tielman

It's being touted as a high-speed "Road Train" between Buffalo and Albany which looks to learn from the expensive missteps of previous plans to connect Upstate New York.  According to Tim Tielman, Executive Director of the Campaign for Greater Buffalo History, Architecture & Culture, this concept is exploring using the Thruway median rather than purchasing a new right-of-way.

Buffalo Automation

A major sign of COVID-19 is a noticeable fever, but current devices - like a temperature gun - can be erratic or slow. Now a local start-up company has a way of spotting people with a fever in a crowd.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

There has been one consistent issue during the COVID-19 crisis: the supply chain failures to provide test kits for the virus. That includes the chemicals and plastic parts needed to run the tests. That supply chain still can't produce enough of everything, to the point Kaleida Health Laboratories has seen testing fall well below what it had been doing earlier in the crisis.