Upstate New York

Upstate NY Power Outages-Update

Mar 11, 2017

National Grid crews have been working diligently to restore power for almost 180,000 upstate New Yorkers who lost power as a result of Wednesday's damaging windstorm.

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Bob Duffy thinks upstate lawmakers should bridge their political differences, and work together to advance economic interests in upstate New York.

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The so-called "historic" increase in the state's minimum wage will likely disappoint some workers. The amount of the pay hike will vary based on the worker's location in New York State.

Cuomo Announces 11th proposal for 2016 Agenda

Jan 9, 2016

On Saturday Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the 11th proposal of his 2016 agenda.

Upstate New York to recieve three new casinos

Dec 20, 2015
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New York State should see some added streams of revenue soon as officials continue their pattern to cash in on gambling.

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There has been an unusual focus on upstate New York among top state politicians from the downstate area in recent weeks. 

Upstate NY CEO poll shows good outlook for 2015

Jan 26, 2015
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A poll of upstate New York CEOs finds companies are more positive and prepared to do business in the coming year.