A string of shootings over the weekend are the latest incidences of an increase in gun violence across the city in recent weeks.

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It is no secret major changes in New York's criminal laws are starting to take effect. More take effect Jan. 1.  Judges at an anti-violence forum Wednesday evening said they are reviewing their cases for those who will be released from prison.

A 27-year-old Buffalo man is dead following a shooting on Freund Street, the latest victim in a string of fatal shootings that have happened in the city in recent days.

Every rentable bounce house in the area must have been in use Tuesday night, as blocks, housing projects and neighborhoods celebrated National Night Out - more than symbolic in a summer of violence.

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Racism, bigotry, and Donald Trump were denounced Wednesday during a prayer vigil in the historic Durham Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church in downtown Buffalo.

President Trump shifted his tone again on the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., while answering questions from reporters on Tuesday.

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Crime remains a big issue in Buffalo's mayoral campaign, with violence not going away. Wednesday night at the Merriweather Library, Mayoral Candidate and Erie County Legislator Betty Jean Grant held one of her town hall meetings - this time on body and dash cameras, red light cameras and police checkpoints.

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Right after his graduation from Buffalo's Math, Science, Technology Preparatory School at Seneca, Jequan Wilson posted the image of his high school diploma on Facebook. Hours later, he became another victim of Buffalo's street violence.

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Common Councilmembers were backing the Masten District's Ulysees Wingo Tuesday, as he again refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and extended his arm with a clenched fist. He then read the names of seven Black men killed by police in the last year.

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Buffalo Police officers are still waiting for city lawmakers to make a decision on their request for AR-15-Rifles. WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley recently sat down with the first vice president of the Buffalo Police Union about the recent wave of national violence.

The combative relationship between police and the minority community has never been more prevalent than today, but black Americans know it’s been around for longer than history books record. That’s why they prepare their children as best as they can.

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A group of local ministers held a vigil Sunday afternoon at Mount Olive Baptist Church on East Delavan. The event focused on last week's violence in which two black men were shot by police officers and  five police officers in Dallas were shot and killed.

Should the public's access to assault weapons be limited? Or are mass shootings a mental health issue? Questions continue to be raised following the latest incident of mass violence in San Bernardino, California.

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Declarations from City Hall that violence is down and the murder total is down from last year weren't enough for a meeting last night looking for solutions.

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This Labor Day will be more than just a time to celebrate social and economic achievements in Buffalo. After a week when the public has been captivated by violent events, advocates from pro-peace groups across Western New York are hoping to make it a time to celebrate peace.

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Governor Andrew Cuomo has rebuked a state official for a lack of protection afforded to transgender and gender non-conforming students.

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On Thursday morning, Buffalo’s self-proclaimed “Push-Up King” set out to break a Guinness World Record. On Friday morning he succeeded.


Two men who were shot Tuesday evening are the latest victims in a recent burst of street violence in the City of Buffalo.

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The road between Ferguson, Missouri and Buffalo is getting a little more crowded. A protest rally was held Sunday night in a Connecticut Street bookstore.

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Local law enforcement agencies joined U.S. Attorney William Hochul on Buffalo’s West side Monday to celebrating the termination of the 10th Street Gang.

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Community organizations gathered Friday to call on residents in Buffalo’s University District to work together to reduce violence in the city. The call comes after two teens were gunned down in the neighborhood Tuesday.

More money is on its way from Albany to help combat violence on the streets of Buffalo.

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There are no easy solutions for the problem of young people going to prison. That was the message from a community meeting last night in the Merriweather Library.

Monday was National Night Out, that annual sign of the public's hope to be safe in their homes and neighborhoods, now in it's 30th year of that quest for safety.

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A federal grand jury has returned three superseding indictments as a result of the ongoing investigation into criminal gangs on Buffalo's East Side.

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After a series of rallies opposing New York's new controls on guns, supporters of the NY SAFE Act turned out at Martin Luther King Park Monday night to show their support for gun control.

The murders of two young people in December led to a meeting Monday in the offices of the Erie County Legislature under the new Buffalo Safe Neighborhoods Initiative Committee.