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New York volunteer firefighters who have been diagnosed with certain cancers will be eligible for health care benefits under a new state law.

Stephen Miller

When a volunteer fire company in a small rural town is dire need of funding to replace an aging fire truck, snaring state funding is often essential.

Blossom Fire Department

It’s not your average emergency vehicle. It can float on water and glide over huge snow mounds, helping emergency responders get to places that are difficult or impossible to access by foot.

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Authorities say a volunteer firefighter has died in a one-car crash in Western New York. 

Campaign aims to boost number of volunteer firefighters

Apr 18, 2014

Local and state fire officials are calling on people in the community to become volunteer firefighters. The call comes as part of the fourth annual Recruit New York campaign that kicked-off Thursday.

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More than 50 billboards are up across Erie County encouraging people to join their local volunteer fire department.  It's part of a statewide recruitment drive in conjunction with "National Volunteer Week," which includes an open house at many departments this weekend.