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One industry's waste water is another's ideal resource to grow its supply. A new partnership pairs a Chautauqua County beverage maker with a fish growing operation that will use by-products from the former to help feed the stock that will, one day, be served to a hungry customer.

Senator Catharine Young

In a ceremony complete with full military honors, Sergeant Kevin W. White was posthumously remembered Monday with the dedication of the bridge on U.S. Route 20, between Oak Street and South Portage Street in the Town of Westfield.

Westchester Philharmonic Orchestra

Two men have been arrested in Erie, Pennsylvania, after a car belonging to shooting victim Mary Whitaker was found in Erie.

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An apparent homicide is under investigation in the Chautauqua County community of Westfield.

County of Chautauqua Industrial Development Agency

A new pierogi manufacturing company is coming to Westfield in Chautauqua County.

A youthful game might have been behind the deadly train accident in Westfield on Friday.

Authorities are investigating the possibility that three men being struck by a freight train might have resulted from a dare. All three men are in their twenties. Two of the victims were killed. The third is recovering fromĀ  serious injuries in a Pennsylvania hospital.

The accident occurred as the men were running along a railroad bridge in Westfield.

The train was fitted with a camera and authorities believe that the footage will help in their investigation.