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All of a sudden, COVID-19 has people of all ages rushing to complete wills, powers of attorney and health care proxies.

While people have been writing wills for a very long time, some things have changed. On this week's edition of You & The Law, Erie County Surrogate Court Judge Barbara Howe talks about how e-mail, the Web and a new state law are adding complexities.

Once, most people simply had their lawyer write a will and that was it. On this week's edition of You & The Law, attorney Kenneth Grossberg talks about some of the related issues and complexities.

For most people, a will is an important document. This week on You & The Law, attorney Laurie Menzies says you need to know your finances before you prepare your will.

You and the Law: Wills

Jul 26, 2013

Preparing a will has become much more complicated in this cyber age. On this week's edition of You and the Law, attorney Laura Jabrucki talks with WBFO's Mike Desmond about a will and changing your will when it's necessary.

If you have a will or a power of attorney or any of those other pieces of paperwork of life, Surrogate Judge Barbara Howe says they should be up to date.