Wind Farms

File Photo / WBFO News

There is no plan for wind generators off-shore from southern Erie County, but opponents are organizing just in case. A firm called Diamond Wind is expected to file for at least 50 generators in the lake next month, when as a window for wind farm applications opens.

Cleveland’s own Charles Brush created the world’s first electric wind turbine in the 1800’s. He used it to power his home. And since then, wind turbines have popped up all over the world -- but never in the Great Lakes.

That could change with Project Icebreaker, a six-turbine demonstration to be located eight to 10 miles off Cleveland’s shore.  

Off-shore wind farms in New York State's Great Lakes are once again a possibility.

New York is one of five states to have reached a memorandum of understanding with Washington on Friday for the development of off-shore wind farms. Once deemed too costly, the viability of the farms is still in question, but their construction and operation are expected to generate numerous jobs.

Environmentalists claim that wind farms in the state's Great Lakes and along the Atlantic shoreline could power every home in the state.