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Erie County Department of Social Services

The New York State Child Care Availability Task Force was established 18 months ago to dive into what officials call the child care "crisis" afflicting the state. After just a couple of months of pandemic, however, words like "devastation" and "decimation" are being used. Here are their interim findings and recommendations.


Many business owners are relieved to be talking about reopening, after two months of PAUSE due to the coronavirus pandemic. When the doors are unlocked again, entrepreneurs will have to safeguard public safety as well as their bottom line -- and that "new normal" could be especially costly to small businesses, many of which are women-owned. But there is help.

Raising NY

The Western New York Women's Foundation says the COVID-19 pandemic is especially disrupting the lives of women, and "bringing to the forefront the gender inequalities that impact women's lives every day." The Foundation and other advocacy groups have issued a call to Governor Cuomo and other state leaders to recognize these inequalities, as they decide issues like paid sick leave and accessible childcare. WBFO's Marian Hetherly talked about this with Corey Fabian-Barrett, Director of External Affairs for the Western New York Women's Foundation.