Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo.

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The fate of the planned $120 million Elmwood Crossing reworking of the former Women and Children's Hospital campus went before the Buffalo Common Council's Legislation Committee Wednesday. After several speakers made their voices heard, the item was tabled so council members can study the plan.

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Friday morning marks the planned beginning of the move from Women and Children’s Hospital on Bryant Street to the new Oishei Children’s Hospital in the heart of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. In this historic move, there are many things patients, families, and the public at large need to know.

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In just over three weeks, the new Oishei Children’s Hospital at the Buffalo Niagara Medical campus will open to the public. From the moment patients and staff walk in, it’s going to be evident that the new state-of-the-art hospital was designed with families in mind.

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Two adult hikers are dead and one child is hospitalized after falling down a cliff in Zoar Valley.

A young boy was taken to the hospital after being struck by a vehicle on Saturday night.

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Kaleida Health is reporting that Donnell Bibbes remains in critical condition at Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo.

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According to a local expert, Buffalo is one of the worst cities in the country for lead poisoning.

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Higher education is always a mix between the theoretical and the practical. That's especially true for students at UB's Department of Architecture and Planning.

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Interest is high into what happens at the Women and Children's Hospital site when hospital operations move to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.  Hundreds packed the Mary Seaton Room of Kleinhans last night to review development proposals for the Bryant Street location.

The demand for downtown housing appears to be boosting the East Side. "I think what we are finally starting to see is what I call ‘economic development by osmosis’ work its way down Broadway, down William," said Jim Fink of Business First during his monthly appearance on WBFO's Press Pass.

There was initial concern over Kaleida Health's decision to build a new Children's Hospital and vacate the current Bryant Street location. Now, five developers have plans to re-use the site. Jim Fink of Business First sees that as a sign of the region's economy getting its "swagger back."


Five developers have submitted proposals to Kaleida Health for reuse of the Women and Children's Hospital Campus on Bryant Street.

Women & Children's Hospital opens Fetal Care Center

Jun 4, 2015
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Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo is now home to a program that aims to provide more advanced care for women whose pregnancies are complicated by fetal abnormalities.


Students in Amherst are learning an important life lesson as they begin a year-long project today to benefit Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo.

A respiratory virus that's sickened hundreds of children in several Midwest states has apparently arrived in Buffalo.

Remembrance for local children

Dec 6, 2012
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Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo held its annual remembrance for local kids who were once treated at Children's but have since passed away.

Twins born in two uteruses

Jan 20, 2012
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A Derby couple is celebrating the recent birth of a pair of baby boys who grew in the mother's two separate uteruses. The babies were born premature at Women's and Children's Hospital this past October, but the family and doctors wanted to make sure the infants were out of medical danger before going public.

Alison Camp delivered twin boys Griffin and Carter.  Camp said she's known since she was a teen about her condition called Uterine Didelphys  that means her uteruses have one fallopian tube and one ovary, but she also has two cervixes.