Buffalo police officer found not guilty of using excessive force against Lackawanna man

Jul 23, 2019

Buffalo police officer Corey Krug has been found not guilty by a federal jury of using excessive force against a Lackawanna man on Thanksgiving Eve in 2014 on Chippewa Street.

Credit WBFO news file

The confrontation with Devin Ford was captured by a WKBW television news camera, prompting an investigation by the FBI.

There was a retrial on deprivation of constitutional rights under color of law and deprivation of constitutional rights with bodily injury under color of law that ended in a hung jury earlier this year.

Krug's lawyer Terry Connors said the verdict was a long time coming.

"Corey and his family have been carrying this burden for a number of years," Connors said. "And it's been tough for them. It's been difficult. And so finally this huge weight is lifted off his shoulders thanks to the hard work and patience and intelligence of the jury."

Krug was acquitted on three of four charges back in February that included events from 2010-2014. Connors said Krug looks forward to getting back to doing his job as an officer.